Mission Statement

Gary Gitlin Portrait Outside portrait ModeWith almost forty years of experience, the “AV” Preeminent Martindale Hubbell rated law firm of Gary M. Gitlin, APLC has evolved into a unique boutique law practice, one which to this day continues to represent many of its initial clients who entered the firm’s doors over three decades ago.

As a member of both the California and Federal Bar since 1976, Mr. Gitlin has represented a wide range of clientele from the simple “mom and pop” and family owned companies, to high profile business entrepreneurs, celebrities, and sports figures, national corporations, and recently as general counsel to quarter billion dollar multi-state family owned real estate and retail companies.

Mr. Gitlin’s primary expertise centers on business, corporate and real estate subjects and related litigation and other business matters and transactions.  In his concomitant command of related areas commonly associated with generalists, Mr. Gitlin provides clients with a comprehensive global assessment and “Shibumi” analytics generally not found even with the most sophisticated and nationally rated business and real estate attorneys, most of whom tend to embrace a more myopic, traditional game book perspectives.  For those areas to which Mr. Gitlin does not possess the requisite degree of skill or knowledge he demands for his clients, his many relationships with outstanding lawyers and experts in those other disciplines provide further effective resources essential for the beneficial effective representation of the clientele.

While Mr. Gitlin has been courted over the years by various large national law firms to join their practices, he has declined these invitations, remaining steadfast in his purpose and vision for his role as a “client’s” lawyer…one focusing on full, effective, and tangible first class legal representation while placing a pristine value on the client relationship and the cornerstone to optimum attorney-client communications.

Mr. Gitlin brings to the forefront the very strong concept that the attorney-client relationship is a form of “partnership” where the client works shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand with Mr. Gitlin in assessing the issues at hand, the goals to be achieved, the cost versus benefit strategies, and the various paths by which to travel with agreed upon budgets to accomplish an effective and palatable client approved resolution.